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Simple and elegant props for a birthday

A birthday is one of the most special days in each one’s life. It reminisces one of the adorable moments from a newborn and thereafter achieving every milestone of life from tossing and turning, cradling and crawling, walking and running, and more. There are many people you have been surrounded by at every step, making you feel loved and special, and that is why a birthday needs to be celebrated in the most special manner with friends and family. When you think of a birthday celebration, be it yours, your parents, grandparents, siblings, spouse, or other loved ones, the first thing you look at is the decoration. While some try to keep it simple, some want to have the best of everything. While planning one, some hire professionals such as event managers to do it in the most professional manner to perfection. It is quite obvious that the planners look for the most beautiful and elegant decoration items and props that make the event a memorable one and for this, National Traders has everything ranging from artificial flowers to decorative candlesdécor stands, and artificial trees for sale, and more. Whatever theme your event planner could be deciding on, you will definitely find them all, as National Traders is also known as one of the birthday decorations wholesale suppliers in addition to decorative products for various other events.


There are some simple and elegant props that can decorate the birthday venue to have the most stunning appearance.


5 simple and elegant props for the birthday include:

Flowers – Flowers undoubtedly are the first choice for any decoration; however, fresh flowers wither way too soon and the ideal way is to use artificial flowers.  There are both small flowers and big flowers available so that you can pick one that suits your requirement.


Cake stand – The hero of the party is the cake without which the party is incomplete. Whether you have a simple cake or a layered one, placing it on a cake stand makes it more presentable. If you are planning on having a really big one, there is also a 3-step cake stand that makes it easy for the cake to be arranged in the most elegant manner.


Frames – A birthday also brings back memories of the past years and what best would it be other than using frames to put up some nostalgic pictures and refresh the memories. 

Be it a circular or an oval frame, decorating them with pictures on the wall behind the stage is sure to steal the show.


Props for return gifts – Most of us plan on some return gifts for the guests at the party. You can wrap them or gift them in the most beautiful manner using some elegant props such as tiny buckets, decorative trunks, cages, and so forth.


Wooden crates – Wood definitely adds a classy look when used for decorative purposes. Wooden crates and props can be used in decoration where you can use vases, candle stands, photo frames, etc.


If you are an event planner looking for some amazingly simple and elegant birthday decor props, wedding, engagement, etc, National Traders is the wholesale supplier of a wide range of decoration items.

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