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Sequin Wall for Birthday Celebration

A sequin wall also known as a shimmer wall has sparkling sequins added to the backdrop.  It is made for parties and special occasions. They are a very popular décor prop used for all kinds of visual merchandising or event displays.  These sequin walls have been used by some of the biggest brands to promote and make their products stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Sequin walls for birthday celebrations are made of either shiny metals or plastic sewn onto a clothing piece.  The sequin wall cloth is formed when the cloth is wrapped around a metal frame.  Sequins are trendy, eye-catchy, and make perfect picture backgrounds.

Sequin walls also add glamour to your birthday celebrations.  Besides this, they also make attractive backgrounds for selfie booths and pictures.

Here is how you can turn an ordinary venue for a birthday celebration into an extraordinary one with not much to spend on your decoration.  With sequin wall decoration items bought wholesale at a standard cost from us, who also sell wedding decoration items wholesale, you could ensure to have a most memorable birthday.

Sequin walls are used to create a beautiful backdrop, whether it is a party at home, corporate function, wedding reception, baby shower, or bridal shower.  The shimmering sequin wall will make a stunning decoration.  Clicking pictures on your devices is most common these days and with the sequin wall at the backdrop, it would look extremely beautiful such that you would just not end up getting tired of taking pictures.

No matter what the occasion is, when you get a sequin wall décor prop with balloon decorations that add to the look, it is sure to make a memorable birthday, anniversary, etc.

For a unique and partylicious look, you could use this sequin wall décor.  The Rose pink sequin décor uses a rose pink sequin stand with a neon sign indicating the event with some white, golden, and rose pink balloons.

You could include beautiful transparent balloons with golden glitter and some flashy colourful paper designs decorated on the sequin stand.  These elements make this sequin décor stand unique, unlike any other décor item on the list.

Another option would be to have an over-the-top sequin décor with many other decoration props beautifully arranged that will leave your guest awestruck with no words to describe the appearance.

A golden sequin shimmer décor prop is classy that will add elegance to your celebration.  You can keep the party vibe up with the black and golden balloons, adding glamour to your birthday, anniversary, or whatever the occasion is.

National traders are a one-stop décor solution providing extraordinary decoration available at an ordinary cost.

We are wedding decoration wholesale suppliers providing the most economical wedding decoration materials.  National Traders, the wedding decoration wholesale suppliers, offer décor props, props for the Haldi and Mehandi ceremony, and engagement party props.

We also provide flower pots and decorative items for the stage, mandap, gate, and backdrop.  At the venue, along with the sequin wall decoration for the backdrop, you could also make use of our artificial trees, artificial roses, and artificial flowers.


Through our decoration material from National Traders, you can turn any ordinary venue into a breathtakingly beautiful and picturesque venue.  Our sequin walls are unique and stunning, and when your stage is set using beaded curtains it would create magic.  Sequin walls for birthday celebrations give a simple yet elegant look also with flower walls added to the backdrop.

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