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Selfie booth! A new trend in marriage functions

Marriages are the most cherished event of a person’s life. They want to make them memorable. So the families of the bride and the groom take care of their guests, prepare a wide variety of menu lists to satisfy the guests, and create an ambiance where the guests can enjoy the marriage ceremonies. They want their guests to take back happy memories of their wedding. The selfie booth is a preferred option at weddings to create cherishable memories. A Selfie booth allows the guests to click pictures alongside beautiful decorated backdrops or props and take back memories that last a lifetime. 

The selfie booth is, therefore, a new trend in marriage functions, and it fulfills the following purposes:

  1. Selfie booths add to the fun: Selfie booths add fun to the whole marriage event. They are the point of attraction in any marriage venue, where people click pictures with props and the background and have a lot of fun doing it. 
  2. Selfie booths help create fond memories: Selfie booths help create fond memories for the guests as they click pictures at it. The guests return with happy memories of the wedding.
  3. It keeps the guests busy during the event: While the bride, groom, and the bride, along with the family, are engaged in the marriage ceremonies, the guests can spend time at the photo booth.  
  4. Selfie booths add to the beauty of the venue: Selfie booths have lots of props like artificial flowerstrees wallsfibre photo frames, etc. All these things add to the glamour of the venue. They not only provide a lovely backdrop for photography, but they also make the wedding venue come alive. National Traders provides all the props for Selfie booths.
  5. Can share pictures on social media: The photos taken at the Selfie booth look so colorful that guests want to share them on their social media. It is one crucial reason why Selfie booths are so popular. National traders provide Selfie booths and props like artificial treesfloral walls, and fiber photo framesfor the Selfie booths.
  6. Selfie booths don’t let the guest feel neglected: 

While the photographers and videographers are always busy capturing the pictures of the bride and the bridegroom, the guests may feel neglected. However, the presence of a Selfie booth does not make them think so. They, too, have a point to click pictures and create their fond memories in the form of a Selfie booth.

  1. Selfie booths are an excellent way to engage children: Children can quickly get bored at weddings. There may be instances during a wedding where refreshments can get delayed. At such time, Selfie booths come in handy, where children cannot get bored getting their pictures clicked in the backdrop of a fiber photo frame, floral walls, and artificial trees. National Traders are the best wedding decoration suppliers.


Selfie photo booths are here to stay and are becoming popular daily. National Traders provides beautiful Selfie photo booths and props that stand apart. It will make your guests fall in love with them and want to click memorable pictures.

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