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Reflect green for the Mehendi with decorative plants

Mehndi is another traditional exciting pre-wedding ceremony. The Mehndi ceremony has become an integral part of the wedding ceremony.  In Indian weddings, a lot of emphasis is given to the rituals and customs and the same is reflected in the mehndi ceremony before marriage. Mehndi is the 16th adornment of the bride and her beauty is incomplete without it. The Mehndi ceremony is essentially organized by the family members of the bride. The scale of the ceremony depends upon the individual’s choice. Some people celebrate the Mehendi ceremony with great pomp and show. The historical background of the mehndi ceremony is that Mehndi is one of the oldest forms of body art. The Arabic and Hindi word mehendi is derived from the Sanskrit word “mendhika” which refers to the Henna plant.


To make this event as beautiful as Mehendi art and to make it a colourful event; National Traders wedding decor props have some decoration ideas for your mehndi ceremony:-

  • Origami – Cranes, all you need is some glazed papers in green colour along with a thread to hang them around the venue. National traders supply all such Birthday decor props at wholesale price.
  • Boat – Another way to decorate your mehndi ceremony venue is by hanging green colour paper boats, all you need is cutesy prints such as polka green dots and stripes. These stage decoration items wholesale may help to organize the event very well.
  • Paper fan – This is the easiest of all props. All you need is to reflect the bridal colours like yellow or green, decorate the stage with it on bride Jhula or at the entrance of the venue. These colourful wedding decor props bring energy to the event as yellow is very bright and green is very attractive.
  • Pinwheels – Props you need for pinwheels, paper and sticks. These Hangings and ceilings are found at the most reasonable price. You can use the pinwheels as the table centerpiece or around the venue, letting them show their magic when the wind blows. 
  • Buntings – Make colourful buntings using cloth or paper of your choice and tie them on the ceiling or the back of the chair. It looks tricky but they are good.
  • Fairy lights – You need to pick up fairy lights and tie them to have a starry ceiling.  You can choose any colour of fairy lights like green or yellow etc, National Traders wedding decoration manufacturers supply all these wedding decorations items at wholesale price.
  • Mason jars – Mason jars have become one of the hottest fashions in decoration for any kind of ceremony. They are super versatile and are easily available at National Traders wedding decoration suppliers at wholesale price. These Mason jars work best as the centerpieces. All you need is just tie a jute rope knot on it and fill it up with baby’s breath flowers.
  • Birdcage – One of the best props for the Mehendi ceremony is a bird’s cage with artificial flowers and roses with green leaf petals. Use them as the table centerpiece or hang them around the venue or the stage. 


National Traders wedding decoration suppliers would be the best choice for you as we have the best prop for all types of events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

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