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Open-Air Luxurious Stage Decor

Stage decors are the cynosure of any celebrations or events right from a grand wedding to simple outdoor meetings. The Stage decoration is the most important aspect of any event, as it would be featured in all the photographs or the videos. It needs to be planned and decorated carefully to make the best impression. National traders provide a wide range of wedding decoration wholesale supplier to design the centre stage.

A good centre stage can be designed and decorated without much expenditure, that too if the event is planned outdoors. We can build and customize it the way we want with little inspiration and creativity with the available stage decoration items in the market. Now let us explore a few ideas to make an open-air luxurious stage for the special occasion.

Often the centre stage decoration is primarily dependent on the time of the event scheduled to happen, day time or in the evening. For a daytime event, we can avoid or use minimal lighting when planned in the open air. The stage decorations are generally based on the themes of the event, like birthdays, weddings or wedding reception or Haldi/ Mehandi functions, etc. For different events, the centre stage can be decorated differently.

When planned in the open air, we can take advantage of the nature around the event venue just by tweaking our decoration in tune with the surrounding landscape.

Natural plants for the centre stage: Potted flower plants or clusters of ornamental plants can be used to decorate the open stage along with vases of fresh flowers to blend with the scenery of the natural surroundings. You can add serial lighting to these plants to glow in the evening or at night. Small urns filled with bright green plants can be used to make the stage look stylish. If not ok with natural plants, artificial Flowers and trees also can be used. You can get all types of artificial plants and trees of varied sizes at National Traders.

Drapes and drapes: Single colour or multicolour drapes can make a beautiful canopy supported by beautiful pillars decorated with flowers. If not drapes, floral strings can be arranged in layers or round patterns around the circular or square canopy. Similarly, the backdrop can also have the same floral runners. For a night event, the drapes with lights can give a shimmering look.

Sequin walls: A unique and stunning stage can be created using beaded curtains to give a simple yet elegant look with flower walls as the backdrop. Tall decorative glass vases can be placed on either side of the stage to get a lavish look.

For any kind of outdoor event or celebration, the wedding planners or the event planners can get the best and variety of stage decorations items at National Traders. However, while planning for any open-air stage decorations, we must be ready with a rain plan, which means having a tented area planned to stay dry and safe.

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