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Flower Jhumar for your Mandap Decoration

A wedding is the most special day in each one’s life.  It is a memorable day that everyone loves to cherish life long.  Indian weddings are celebrated with a huge gathering of family and friends, with a series of events including good food, good decoration, music, dance etc.  It’s a time when you create a lot of memorable moments in your life.

Traditional or contemporary, Indian weddings are incomplete without the use of flowers.  Flowers make the wedding decoration livelier and more beautiful. When you reminisce about your wedding, you are sure to daydream about the beauty of the mandap where the wedding nuptials are tied, that was carefully decorated picking perfect mandap decorations with flowers, while keeping the budget, colour palette, and style in mind.  National Traders are one of the best wedding decoration manufacturers in Bangalore.

Here are some of the stunning floral decoration ideas

As a wedding couple, you would want your day to be picture-perfect. We know that you have always thought of this moment of taking your wedding vows with your Mr. Right! Nothing is more prominent and popping in your wedding pictures like the wedding mandap décor. What is crucial here is your wedding mandap decoration as all your wedding rituals and customs are performed here during the wedding.  Your wedding mandap should sync with the overall decoration theme. We have a few mandap decoration ideas coming your way.

Sophisticated indoor mandap:  Indoor weddings can be stylish and magnificent too. You can go for an all-white theme where the ceiling of the mandap can be decorated with white mogra, floral jhumar and flower jhumars are very popular these days. They are not only a treat for your eyes, but also show taste, and style and also depicts the extravagant look as a wedding mandap decoration.  Flower jhumars from National Traders are the most popular pick for decoration. 

Mandap decoration with floral extravaganza: If you have always wanted a wedding mandap decoration with roses, then a beautiful dome of roses can be the centre of attraction with an overhead flower jhumar dangling making it gorgeous and elegant.

Decoration with floral canopy with drapes and flowers: One of the grandest indoor mandap designs can be achieved with the combination of drapes and flowers. This is the powerhouse of floral beauty.  The jhumars of white flowers with overhead rose and danglers make the mandap decor look stunning.

Traditional style: You can add a classic Indian vibe to your wedding mandap by adding marigold.  You can add the classic yellow or orange marigold for the decoration. They give a festive and traditional vibe to the whole set-up.  The flower jhumar of marigold can be dangling as a border of the wedding mandap, which will enhance the mandap with a beautiful appeal.


Mandaps are one of the focal points of any wedding, so the decorations are the game changer here. Mandaps embellished with various floral elements can leave the crowd mesmerised. They not only add a romantic touch to the wedding but also help create scenic beauty in your wedding pictures as well. So, the next time you hear wedding bells, you can always visit National Traders, one of the best wedding decoration item manufacturers.

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