Flower Decoration With Lotus Urli 20 Mar 2023

Flower Decoration With Lotus Urli

Flowers add beauty to nature and our surroundings. People love gardening their homes with different kinds of flowers and decorating their houses with artificial roses. Flowers bring happiness and make people smile.  Among all the flowers, Lotus is the one that symbolizes beauty, purity, and knowledge. In India lotus is of great significance.  The lotus is also commonly called Indian Lotus, Kamal, Padma, and Sacred Lotus. The lotus flower is considered to be sacred and used for religious purposes in temples and religious occasions, but Lotus urli is mainly used as one of the wedding decoration items, especially for the haldi ceremony and you can find these at National Traders, one of the leading wedding decoration suppliers in Bangalore. To make the haldi ceremony the best and the most beautiful this Lotus urli brings a classy look to the event. Usually, the urlis can be decorated and utilized as per your wishes, desires, and thoughts. Here are some unique decoration ideas and usage tips to utilize the urlis to their best.

  • Urli at the haldi ceremony can be used by pouring some freshwater into the urli along with some fresh flowers over it. The flowers used in it should be used along with the stem to keep them floating. Flowers with various colours and fragrances can be used with contrasting colour combinations to make it attractive. Any flower of your preference can be used to decorate but for the haldi ceremony, genda phool or Marigold is the best and most cost-friendly and at National Traders you get them at even lesser cost as they are wedding decoration wholesale suppliers.
  • To decorate the Lotus urli with flowers both natural and artificial roses and flowers can be used along with some leaves as an alternative decorative element.
  • To add some pleasant and magical fragrance to the atmosphere, the urli can be decorated with some scented candles or small diyas which can float on the surface of the uruli to create positive vibes. Adding a few drops of essential oil to the water will uplift the mood of your guest so they enjoy the event.
  • Adding a pinch of javadhu with the water in the urli creates a blissful fragrance in and around the place. Adding camphor to the water in urli acts as an insect repellent to keep the surroundings free from mosquitoes.


Urlis are used for various decorative purposes for welcoming during any special festive occasions or in regular interior home decor which enhances the traditional look of the place and attracts attention.  As this urli mainly contains natural elements like water, flowers, and fragrance, and using them as a wedding decoration item, enhances the beauty of the venue.  Most wedding decoration items wholesale suppliers suggest using Lotus urlis near the mandap, at the corners of the stage as well as the entry point where the guests are welcomed.

If you are an event organizer or a wedding planner wondering where to find these, then National Traders are one of the best wedding decoration suppliers with many items such as artificial plants and trees, fiber pillars, flower walls, and more.

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