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Extraordinary decoration at an ordinary cost

National traders is a one-stop décor solution. We provide extraordinary decoration at an ordinary cost.
We are the most economical wedding decoration wholesale supplier
Our offerings include décor props, props for the Haldi ceremony, and engagement party props. We are into wedding decoration and wholesale suppliers.
We provide flower pots and decorative items for the stage, mandap, gate, and backdrop. For example, we give the sequin wall for decorating the backdrop, and for decorating the venue, we have artificial trees.

Through our decoration material, you can turn an ordinary venue into a breathtakingly beautiful and picturesque venue.

.Here is how you can turn an ordinary venue into an extraordinary one at a standard cost by buying in bulk at the wholesale price from us. 1. Use of sequin wall: You can use a sequin wall to create a beautiful backdrop, whether it is a party, a wedding reception, a baby shower, or a bridal shower. The shimmering sequin wall makes the backdrop look stunning, and it provides a good site for clicking pictures. With the sequin wall, the backdrop would look so beautiful that you will not tire of taking pictures.

2. Artificial trees for decoration: We provide not just flowers but also trees for decoration. We offer a variety of palm trees, cherry blossom trees, etc. These trees can completely transform the look of the place. They look exotic and bring a tinge of greenery of nature. An artificial tree can also act as a backdrop for clicking some memorable pictures.

3. Artificial roses: Artificial roses look very beautiful. We can decorate them on a hanging curtain to give a rosy look to the entire area. These roses look as beautiful as the natural ones and can add magic to the entire setting of the venue.

4. Props for decoration: We sell several props as well. The props are there for decoration. Props like statutes, vases, wedding arches, beautiful candles, etc., are used for decoration. They add to the glamour of the whole place. We have glass consoles with vases on them at the entrance of the gate, which significantly enhances the door’s appearance. We have candle walls that take the ambiance of the whole venue to the next level.

5. Stage decoration items: The stage is the focus of any wedding event. Everyone looks for the stage the moment they enter the wedding venue. So the stage has to be well-decorated. We provide stage decoration items like artificial flowers, creepers, curtains, arches, backdrops, etc. These items add a lot of glitz and glamour to the stage.

6. Vases with flowers for stage and venue: We provide vases with Artificial flowers for stage decoration and decorating the venue. The huge vases look grand on the stage, and it completely changes the aura of the stage. We can also arrange the vases on the tables for the guests. All this decoration takes the ambiance of the place to the next level. If you are interested in buying decorative items for a wedding at a wholesale price, you can contact National Traders in Bengaluru.

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