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Decoratives that add charm to the Haldi ceremony

It is the wedding season. Let’s have a look at one of the most interesting and glowing Indian wedding ceremonies which is the Haldi ceremony. The Haldi ceremony is a custom which is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies in India. Haldi, oil and water are applied to both the groom and bride by a few married women on the wedding day in the morning. Indians believe that the Haldi ceremony has few properties that leave the skin fair and glowing. The Haldi ceremony is considered to be auspicious and also signifies protection in some Indian communities. The auspiciousness of this ingredient and its colour bring prosperity to the couple to start their new life together. In many cultures, the bride and groom wear yellow clothes on the day of the wedding ceremony. Haldi ceremony is also known as Ubtan, mandha and tel baan. Haldi holds an important place in Indian traditions because it also purifies and cleans the body. Let us plan and set the stage and atmosphere to make the guest enjoyable and memorable.


Few decoratives that add charm to the Haldi ceremony are:-

  • Floral Haldi bathtub or Urilis – We completely fell in love with the traditional concept of the floral Haldi bathtub where the bride and the groom could be pampered with the mesh of turmeric flowers and paste for a Radiant skin glow.  Props for the Haldi ceremony ditching the Chowki set-up, these trendy inverted floral domes look extremely classy. National Traders wedding decoration suppliers are the simplest forms for setting arrangements for you without spending much because they provide quality product items at wholesale.
  • Ceiling drapes – Ceiling wraps for decoration never go out of fashion. Let it be for the morning ceremony or evening ceremony. The charming outdoor decoration overhead can be accompanied by suspended flower blooms. This style of decor brings so much radiance to the venue and adds beauty to the environment.
  • Gorgeous sequined walls or floral walls – Movras and marigolds are a combination that adds a touch of beauty to the Haldi ceremony. An enchanting floral walls and mats or sequins’ walls bunched with an eye-pleasing combination of yellow and orange marigold. National Traders wedding decoration suppliers experiment with the props for the Haldi ceremony of your flower wall varying from pastels, solids and hues.
  • Sasural Genda Phool – These props for the Haldi ceremony marigold wedding swings are simply classic and beautiful. Indian weddings are grand affairs with multiple rituals that take place on the day before and after the actual wedding ceremony. The Haldi ceremony is a treasure trove of gold memories and great pictures, laughter, leg-pulling, camaraderie and the pungent, tangy, whiff of turmeric in the air. A Haldi ceremony is all this and more. National Traders wedding decoration suppliers capture the essence of this one of a kind celebration by planning it just right because they are dedicated to serving the entire market with a quality product for the stage decorations items and wholesale.


National Traders wedding decoration suppliers are the best for the shop with all types of engagement party decor props to props for the Haldi ceremony. National Traders are the best wedding decoration manufacturer for any Indian traditional wedding.

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