Candle walls used as a Wedding Decor Prop 25 Feb 2023

Candle walls used as a Wedding Decor Prop

When we dream of our wedding, we imagine everything happy and pretty with soft lighting. Wedding décor for your backdrop for the stage or back wall of the photo booth should be stunning and bright to capture a beautiful photo. If you want the same effect as in real life, it is all possible at National Traders wedding decoration suppliers as we have unique candle walls used as wedding décor props. This candle decor prop can light up your wedding photo booth corner.

Here are a few candle decoration ideas we have come up with which will inspire you. Wax candles are some candles that come to everyone’s mind, but while using them as a decor item they should be placed carefully or it may be hazardous. Here are a few friendly candle decor ideas, as National Traders wedding decoration suppliers have very beautiful candles that can be used as a décor prop which can be placed in the open environment.

  • Candle on the table as the centrepiece:- A candle on the table is a very romantic site for your guest. Candle placement as a table centrepiece is one of the most objective choices because it will be surrounded by a beautiful bouquet which adds ambience to your wedding and it will look very pleasant.
  • Floating candles:- Are you planning to have a cocktail party at your wedding? If yes then get your wedding decorator to make floating candles as the centrepiece. This arrangement can be expensive and it looks super cool and pretty.
  • A dedicated spot candle wall:- Another super idea to add beauty to your wedding a wall with candles is created to brighten up the spot flower candle walls are a classic combination and you cannot beat them at any cost. These walls can be placed with any combination at your desired spot for beautiful selfies at your wedding.
  • Hanging decor:- Hanging candles at your backdrop as stage decoration items is a beautiful decoration that can be for your wedding stage and highlighted in your wedding album.
  • Photo booth:- Soft glow candles give the prettiest of selfies, but we all should be careful of their flame, well this artificial light set up as the photo tells that this is one of the most “lit” candle decoration ideas you all have heard so far.
  • A light entryway:- Decorating your entryway with lots of candles is a very brilliant and romantic idea at your wedding. Setting up these candles in the entryway with chandeliers hanging candles looks classy at your wedding entrance.

National Traders provides wedding decoration items wholesale in Bengaluru and are the best suppliers as they have many premium quality products for decoration. If you are an event planner or planning your wedding décor and looking for premium quality décor items then you can look at National Traders, the best wedding decoration suppliers in Bengaluru.

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