Candelabra for your wedding decor 8 Feb 2023

Candelabra for your Wedding Decor

No wedding feels truly complete without wedding decorations. However, the decorations may be simple or extravagant, your decorations can turn the special event to be a magical one. Wedding decorations need a lot of planning and thought process.  

With a plethora of wedding decor ideas, it is challenging to choose from a wide range of decorations. From those several choices let’s look at a few of them that can make the decoration absolutely wow.

What is candelabra?

Candelabra is a candle holder with multiple arms. The early versions of the candelabra were designed by the Romans who used these as an elegant form of ornamental lighting. Although candle lighting has mostly been replaced by electrical fixtures, the candelabra design is still incredibly popular and one of the preferred decorations for most weddings. 

National Traders are the best wedding decoration suppliers, we have a huge collection of decor and supplies for weddings and other events. Candelabra is one of the popular items as a wedding decoration.

Some more ideas for wedding decorations 

Use candelabra as centrepieces: To create a dramatic look, you can place tall gold candelabra on the round wedding tables, which gives a simple but elegant look for the evening. The illuminating light of the candelabra will give a magical feel. 

Wedding reception decoration: Apart from the stage decorations, the individual tables in the reception can be decorated with these beautiful candelabras as a centrepiece for each table where the guests are seated.

Floral wedding decor: If you opt for a floral theme, the candelabra can also be decorated with beautiful and colourful flowers, which will give freshness to the table where the candelabra is arranged. 

Outdoor weddings: Tall candelabras make a statement on the long tables at the outdoor weddings. The candelabras can be decorated with flowers and foliage to give a soft touch of a natural yet elegant look, which blends with the greenery of nature. 

Royal and the classic look: The wedding decorations can never let you down when the decoration includes red and the gold in it, the table linen can be decorated in red satin and the gold candelabra in a contrast. The candelabra can be decorated with a combination of gold and red roses to give a royal feel, the drapes of the wedding venue can be gold which will give a contrast look. The whole setup will have a royal and luxurious look. 

ConclusionWeddings are a treat to enjoy and cherish lovely moments with family and friends. Find the most beautiful wedding decoration items with National Traders, the best wedding decoration suppliers in Bangalore.

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