Best Entrance Décor Items to dazzle your guests! 23 Jan 2023

Best Entrance Décor Items to dazzle your guests!

The first impression is the best impression, and it starts with the entrance decoration for any event, especially for weddings. The entrance decoration often conveys a lot about the theme of the wedding decor. It should be top-notch to astonish your guests as it is the first thing that guests observe or look up.  A grand and opulent entrance decoration will set the ball rolling for the rest of the event decoration. You can get some of the best decoration items wholesale from National Traders, one of the best manufacturers of wedding decoration items.

Let’s delve into some of the top entrance décor ideas

Floral beds: Flowers form the essential décor item for any event, and the decoration is incomplete without them. Flower beds with roses or marigold petals will be a good start to lay them on the entrance path or as sides of the path. It is wonderful to make your guests walk on this flower-laden path.

Multiple doors: As a grand entrance, you can have multiple wooden door entries with flower arches and chandeliers, just like an opening to a fairy world.  

Dazzling entrance with lights:  You can decorate the whole entrance path with serial lights arch, either with natural bulbs or colourful bulbs to set in the celebrations. You can also have acrylic led lights to add elegance to the decoration. National Traders, the wholesale suppliers of lighting decoration for the wedding, has a good collection to choose from.

Cherry blossom trees: Trees with cherry blossoms radiate serenity and purity. You can adequately bottom light the trees to get the look and to highlight those lovely bloom leaves. As your visitors enter through this fantasy entrance, it brings spring to them. National Traders has a wide variety of cherry blossom trees and other artificial plants and trees to glorify the entrance decoration.

Mogra entrance: A timeless classic to give your entryway décor a more traditional and contemporary feel is a cascading Mogra arrangement. You can use the Mogra to make hanging garlands or draping curtains for your guests.

Fog: Making a statement at an event entrance is easy and effective when done with fog, placed on the floor. You guests will be impressed, as if walking on clouds, which is a memorable experience.

A combo of dream catchers & mirror strands makes a scintillating entrance with lighting effects giving an impressive grand look. For more such dazzling entrance décor items, get in touch with National Traders, the best wedding decoration suppliers in Bangalore.

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