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Best decorative items for corporate function

Corporate functions are slightly different from other events. The profile of guests invited for a corporate function is in general serious about the business and most use this as a platform for networking as well. It is not that corporates do not organize functions like birthday parties, send-off parties, Parties on the occasion of Superannuation, Parties on the occasion of a particular day, like women’s day, etc.

Corporate functions are held during a product launch, on achieving some milestones, establishment day, exhibition, etc. To make the event colorful venue decorations are essential. Irrespective of the function, the stage, and its decoration is the point of attraction. National Traders, who are stage decoration items wholesalers, are the most affordable, and depending on the client’s budget, organizers can choose from a variety of designs to suit the occasion. For example, if it is a function in connection with ladies, use more pink decorative balloons, pink drops, etc with colorful flower walls, to give the occasion a tint of the theme.

As guests enter an event, the way how the venue is designed is the first obvious thing. Keeping aside your goals, and leaving a lasting impression on them is your primary objective and venue styling is an easy way to do it.

Go Big With a Grand Entrance

Entry to the venue is critical for your event to have a decent start. Making your guests feel delighted once they enter the venue, will set the background for the rest of the event. Corporate event signage allows you to brand the venue of your event or conference with stand-out solutions for your business. There are plenty of grand entrance options to choose from, but it’s important to suit your budget. Needless to say, your guests’ expectations are always in line with the event’s goal so your decor should match accordingly. Though there are a host of entrance options to choose from, it’s critical

Use Creative Layouts

Plan the layout strategy to utilize the space judiciously. Let some unique ideas be thought off which can combine traditional elements with modern. Rearranging tables into a different shape from the routine style can capture your audience’s attention and set your event apart. In the case of corporate dinner parties, create a familiar environment with classic dinner tables but match them with benches for a more casual seating style. This will allow your visitors to connect and enjoy the event.

Choose the Best Colour Palette

Colors of course gives one of the most essential visual stimuli. Though color preferences are always subjective, you can still choose a palette for an event based on the venue’s mood and theme, as well as your brand’s identity. For example, if your brand colors are blue and white and the event is a conference, the complete setup can be done in a similar color gradient to make the space look professional. Highlight, components of importance like registration desks, and other touch points of significance with exact brand colors. This will enhance your company’s visibility.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Use design to brand venue in green color as it symbolizes a healthy environment. From tree stumps to wooden furniture, apart from offering elegance, these materials are also recyclable & eco-friendly. The use of sustainable options creates a timeless look along with a good conscience.

Emphasize Table Design

Table centerpiece decoration is one of the few areas where you can be stylish without much expenditure. From the attractive centerpieces to event-branded napkins, options are many for beatification, in this small area. Choose fabric liners and chair bands by the theme color. Another excellent boost is using the same fabric for both curtains and table runners, to maintain uniformity with the theme.

Decorate With Creative Backdrops

As explained earlier, the stage and backdrop are focal points at corporate events, so make sure to emphasize them from the start. Make sure your stage is ready to attract your audience, whether it’s an LED-lit runway or an elevated, floral wall platform. Backdrops that are extended from floor-to-ceiling screens with a corporate logo, make the stage the star of the show with a stunning set and backdrop design.

Photo Booth

Everyone loves to take photographs at an Event. Arrange a photo booth in a location that can be easily accessed. If you expect a large number of visitors, set up two or three photo booths in several areas to avoid a long wait. Ensure that each photo booth should have a unique design. If well-planned, this can turn out to be a wonderful marketing tool for event hashtags on social media. There is a wide range of booth options available. You may set up an instant printing photo booth for elevated fun.

Event planning requires thinking out of the box. Depending on your budget and the type of event, there is a host of ideas you can use for a selfie booth for decoration. We hope these suggestions help you get a head start in organizing and making your next event more memorable.

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