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Best décor ideas for traditional Indian wedding

Indian wedding decorations have come a long way undergoing changes and keeping up with the present generation trends. Indian weddings are a weeklong affair with multiple rituals or events that take place before the actual wedding. It starts from haldi function and ends at with a reception. Choosing an ideal décor can be challenging and endless as you have multifold options and themes to choose. National traders are specialised in wedding decoration items including haldi, mehendi, mandap and the stage. The have a wide range or variety of decoration items to choose.

For Haldi: Haldi function is usually associated with yellow. You can have a combination of yellow & red drapes as the back drop. Hang the traditional marigold or chrysanthemum flowers on the back drop.  You can go for the beautiful & colourful tassels hanging all over the place.  You can opt for natural flowers or artificial flowers from National Traders, for they have the best variety of floral wall decorative items.

The mehendi decor props for ceremony: You can create a green wall using unused green sarees, or a wall back drop made of banana leaves will be a wonderful idea.  Green clusters will infuse life to your surrounding area. On the backdrop wall you can hang mogra jhubbi bunches in between to give an elegant look.  Even hanging colourful umbrellas will be a best option. 

Wedding entrance: The first impression is the best impression. Starts with venue entrance, get your wedding entrance decorated with crystal pillars with floral stands on either sides that leaves a magical experience to your guests. You can have different colours of light and floral bunches placed.

The centre stage:  The centre stage forms the cynosure of the entire wedding decoration, elaborately decorated with a lavish back drop along with the mandap or a pair of seats.  The back drop can be of floral garlands hanging down or it could be a red wall with traditional elements like bells, flower thorans, palm leaf mats, and kathputhli dolls hung in between gives traditional vibes. Draped ceilings with multiple colours will give a grand look to the stage around the mandap. The stage can be covered with a green grass carpet to give a natural look and feel.

The dining area: You can create a rainbow effect all over the dining area with colourful kites or colourful laces with the combination of string lights.  You can place natural potted trees or artificial trees in the dining area. Wrap colourful laces around the trees or hang them from strings using several of them. You have the wind chimes hanging in every corner of the venue or at the entrance of the dining area.  Place candle stands all over the area along with pillars or vases with bunch of flowers.

There is no dearth of creative decors to make your wedding a memorable event and National Traders is a one stop-shop for all kinds of wedding decoration wholesale supplier.

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