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Beautiful props for mehendi

One of the most important events of the wedding is Mehandi. The most important aspect of the day is the mehndi decoration at home. At noon of mehndi a many days before your wedding is one of the times when you get to spend some fun moments with your loved ones, and you might be bored of the same old tradition of Mehandi decoration, we National Traders wedding decoration suppliers are here to help you to plan the Mehandi decoration with beautiful wedding décor props with minimal investment. Some beautiful mehndi decorations will help you to create a perfect backdrop for those fun and candid clicks with your girl gang! We (National Traders wedding decoration manufacturer) have come up with the new and unique ideas for your Mehandi with a lot of beautiful wedding décor props:
  • Floral canopy décor for an indoor Mehandi – for a simple and classy décor for Mehandi at home floral canopy would be the best. The yellow genda phool with some strings of fairy lights will give a pretty look to the event.
  • Elegant tents and sets for the Mehandi decoration – A Mehandi decoration in an open ground with some colourful tents and sets with some bright colour pillows gives a peppy look to the décor. These tents and sets your guest sits on would be a perfect Mehandi decoration. National Traders wedding decoration items wholesale : We have a beautiful manzanita tree with some heavy wisteria which gives an elegant look to the event. We also have artificial rose petals for sale.
  • A pool-side Mehandi décor – Pool-side Mehandi is a unique idea for an event in the evening. The poolside would be a perfect place for some fun and music. You can have an Indian-style Mehandi baithak with the backdrop of a karnishan pad of bright colour that would be perfect for clicking with the bride maid.
  • Beautiful pop of colour – This theme is the cheapest as it can be done with some minimal decoration prop like bright green colour dupatta for the background along with bright and colourful paper fans with some yellow genda phool, and full of colourful charpai and pillows which makes the event photogenic.
  • Bright and peppy pinwheel – This bright and peppy pinwheel brings the feel of a village funfair. These peppy pinwheels can be hung and decorated around the baithak, trees, or in the background with bright green and pink backdrop along with some pinwheels. Pinwheel wedding décor prop gives a desi tadka to your Mehendi decor props.
  • Floral swing in your garden – This is the most trending Mehndi decoration idea these days. Swing decorated with bright pink bougainvillaea flowers along with some pom-pom rings with a flamingo as a corner piece would be epic and a photogenic spot.
At National Traders wedding mandap suppliers their many items for sale like artificial trees, fiber pillars, decor stands, artificial rose petals and a lot more.  National Traders wedding mandap suppliers are the one spot for your wedding décor props.

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