Adorn the Wedding Decor with Decorative Fiber Pillars 13 Feb 2023

Adorn the Wedding Decor with Decorative Fiber Pillars

Weddings are one of the most important events in a person’s life that he or she would want to make most special and memorable to cherish for the rest of their life.  

While planning the wedding decor, it wouldn’t be surprising if one is thinking about the need to add arches and pillars to adorn the wedding.

One of the many ways to make this special day more unique and stunning in terms of wedding décor would be to add arches and pillars.  The pillars will add a special touch to your wedding making it a fairy tale wedding.

Although often overlooked, wedding fiber pillars are in fact as vital as your tablescape and the entryway decor at your wedding venue.  With different varieties of wedding decoration items available at wholesale prices from National Traders; Bengaluru, you are definitely in for a most splendid wedding.

There is nothing more important than to make this day the most special and unforgettable day. There are many reasons to have pillars to adorn your wedding decor.

Let us now check out a few ideas to inspire you.  For wedding fiber pillars you could choose from the various options mentioned below.

The traditional pedestal or pillar decoration ideas include fresh and artificial flowers and lighting of colourful different-sized candles.

The current trend however is the modern touch such as LED fairy lights and ice sculptures.  The fiber photo frames and selfie booths placed between the fiber pillars make it a picture perfect set up.  At National Traders, there is always something to fit every wedding theme and decor style.

Traditional Glow

To add more charm to the wedding, opt for fairy lights and artificial ivy garlands twirled along the length of fiber pillars.  This is especially recommended for functions held in the evenings.

Let the whites flow to transform the dull room into an interesting one:  Enhance the look of the plain white pillars and deck up in satin, silk, or self-patterned beautifully coloured cloth in your wedding colors.

Flower arrangement decoration ideas:

Consider a vase of colorful artificial flowers arranged atop each pillar.  Won’t they look simply classic and impressive?  Flower power and beauty never die.  For an elegant look match them with your floral décor or your wedding color theme.

Candles Galore:

Large, oversized candles or candles in different shapes and sizes placed in five arms, nine arms, embossed, or leaf candle stands from National Traders will look splendid.

Dependable awesome twosome:

Flowers and candles are a pair that you just cannot take your eyes off.  These two will surely enhance your wedding fiber pillar decoration no matter what the other hall decoration colors are.

For a sophisticated yet pretty and posh style, decorate the wedding fiber pillar with beaded/pearl strings along the length.  Complete the decor with a floral crown for pure elegance.

With attractive and amazing wedding decorations there’s just no limit to what you can do with your wedding fiber pillar decorations from National Traders.

National Traders offer wedding decoration items wholesale.  We are wedding decoration item suppliers for all weddings of all types.  We also supply flower stands, wedding table centerpieces, stage decoration items, table centrepieces, and more.

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