Add glam wedding decor with decorative items 26 Nov 2022

Add glam wedding decor with decorative items

Your wedding day is one of the very special times of your life. So to cherish such a momentous occasion, it makes sense to go above or beyond your wedding decor. Since it is the most special and exciting event you would like it to be picture perfect. Be it your wedding attire, your decoration, your pictures or food, etc. you would like to have the best available to deck up every nook and corner.

There are numerous choices that you need to make to plan an unforgettable wedding one that leaves a lasting impression on everyone. One of the crucial decisions to make is the decor of the wedding. A glam wedding is called one of the most decorative and jaw-dropping wedding themes out there. It’s perfect for the couple who want to create that wow! factor.

Some of the ideas for a glam wedding decor

. To give that effect of the glam wedding you can try out gold and metallic colour themes. National Traders supply the best quality Wedding decoration items wholesale for all the wedding and pre-wedding events.

. Whether you are hosting your wedding reception in a wedding hall or outdoors, crystal chandeliers are great as they add an air of elegance to any spot. A Canopy of chandeliers not only looks stunning but also gives the soft lighting and casts a warm glow for the evening. Besides chandeliers, the flowers also add a glam look to the venue. National Traders cater to some of the best wedding decoration items wholesale for all the wedding events. 

. To make the décor warmer and larger than life you can add wedding table centrepieces like a tall gold metal stand tower and hang flowers or make a floral arrangement. The gold stand will add beauty and luxury to the whole setup.

. Monochrome colours also make a big impact on wedding décor, wrapping the whole venue with white or gold drapes can give a glam and luxurious look to the wedding hall.

. To add that glam look to the whole atmosphere, you can go for hanging lanterns with tealight candles lit inside them which illuminate a soft light to give that warm and cosy feel by celebrating your special evening. 

. Another way of adding glam to the wedding décor is by adding floral runners to the dining tables you can match with the white or gold drapes to give that classy and elegant look to the whole setup.


Planning and decorating a wedding might be or not your favourite thing to do especially if it’s your wedding. These ideas for glam wedding decorations can be used as a reference; they not only help to have an idea about the decoration but you can spend some extra time with family and friends to discuss.

For all the wedding decorations required the only trusted name that comes to mind is National Traders the one-stop-shop for all your wedding decoration needs.

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